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Whether you’re a budding cyberspace cadet or a seasoned cosmonaut, the competition online is fierce. So fierce, in fact, that most brands just end up shouting the same spiel into the void, day in, day out. And nothing ticks my inner digital content nerd off more.


Be bold. Be brave. Be different.

I’ll help you create a digital content strategy that will make customers come back for more and shout your brand’s praises across the digital universe. 

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You can call me Maz, space cadet. I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 6 years. I help business owners, marketing teams, freelancers and digital marketing agencies to build and manage amazing content across all digital platforms. Whether you’re looking for a freelance web copywriter, a freelance SEO copywriter or a freelance social media manager, I’m the one for you.

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Maz is an expert freelance copywriterbusiness copywriter and digital marketing agency copywriter.
These freelance copywriting services are designed to help digital marketing agencies, business owners and freelancers make the most of their content.
Based in the North-East UK, working with clients all over the world.